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Embedded dependencies and static classes

SlapYSlapY Posts: 2
edited August 17, 2014 11:59AM in SmartAssembly
Hi RedGate.
First off, thanks for SmartAssembly! It's gorgeous (like all your .NET products)

On thing though:

I'm working with static classes in my rendering engine a lot.
A basic application starts with Engine.Initialize().

Now I encountered a problem using {SA}:
I have embedded (not merged*) several libraries of the SharpDX project.
Now it seems that the dependencies are not unpacked/decrypted when using static classes/methods. I tried to initialize a really simple class of the project before using the static class/method and it works so I guess the dependencies are only getting unpacked when using a constructor.

Doesnt work:

new Object();

Is there any way around that issue (except from creating any instance from that library) or could this get fixed in any way? Is there any manual call I could make in Initialize() to force the unpacking or something simillar?

* I already kind of gave up on merging, it always throws a signature error (System.InvalidOperationException: Signature is not a field signature) any ideas on that? Also, this is not as important to me as the embedding, which is my preferred way to go.

CEO, Tiny Unique Innovations
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