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How can stop this Long Query Notification notification!!!

Process ID: 62
Process name: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
Database: XXXXXX
Process login time: 15 Aug 2014 4:15 PM
Query start time: 15 Aug 2014 4:15 PM
Query duration: 4.9540001 sec
SQL process fragment
Command Type: BACKUP LOG

I have added this into my Alert Settings configuration for long running queries:

Exclude queries with a SQL process name matching the following regular expressions:

Exclude queries that contain SQL commands or objects matching the following regular expressions:



  • My guess is that the regular expression you are specifying is not matching the BACKUP LOG in the SQL Process fragment.

    Possibly consider using:
    (assuming that the SQL Process will always be in capitals and it is all backup log jobs you want to ignore).
    (/s is the escaped character for 'space')

    It may take some trial and error to get exactly the behaviour you are looking for. may also help:
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    I have installed Red Gate monitoring V11 and how can I configure long running query notification to receive all notifications except 2 SQL logins
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