Red Gate's prompting vs. SSMS prompting.

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I'm suffering with prompt issues where the prompting is so agressive I can barely type "SELECT * From..." before it not only prompts, but completes my SQL for me with incorrect objects. I am trying to type "SELECT * FROM EmployeeGroups", and I get to "SELECT * FROM Em..." and BAM, there is "SELECT * FROM dbo.Employees" before I get the chance to do anything about it.

I know (somewhat) that SSMS also does some prompting, but I'm having difficulty sorting out how to figure out what is SSMS prompting, what is Red Gate prompting, and how to tone it down a bit. I'd love it if the prompts only showed up after say, an intentional 7 second pause. Other than that, let me chicken peck out my query already!


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    Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi amccollough,

    It's possible that the native SSMS intellisense is interfering with Prompt - it shouldn't be completing "SELECT * FROM Em" to "SELECT * FROM dbo.Employees" without you hitting tab or enter.
    One thing to check is make sure that the native auto-completion is off by going to Tools->Options->Text Editor->Transact-SQL and just make sure "Auto list members" and "Parameter information" are unticked (Prompt should disable them on install, but we've had a few cases where it doesn't, we think we've fixed this in our 6.4 beta)

    The next thing to check would be in the Prompt options on the first page (Behavior) make sure the insertion keys are their defaults of only Enter and Tab.
    If this is still too much you can put a few hundred millisecond delay in for when the popup appears on that same page.

    As I mentioned before it shouldn't be completing things without you pressing an insertion key first, so if that's still happening let me know and we can investigate further.

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