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sqlbackup v4 on sql 2005

oberionoberion Posts: 41
edited May 3, 2006 12:43PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions

I'm having some problem installing red-gate sqlbackup 4.1 on my sql 2005 box.

I had to enable the xp_cmdshell xproc
had to manually register :
sp_addextendedproc sqlbackup, 'xp_sqlbackup.dll'
sp_addextendedproc sqbstatus, 'xp_sqlbackup.dll'
sp_addextendedproc sqbutility, 'xp_sqlbackup.dll'
sp_addextendedproc sqbmemory, 'xp_sqlbackup.dll'

Then, I tried it again but now in the "checking service application version" I am getting:

Could not find stored procedure 'master..sqbutility'. (2812)

in "checking extended sproc DLL version"

I am getting:

Could not find stored procedure 'master..sqbutility'. (2812)

I know the uqbutility isn't in the master database, so the question is how do I get it there?



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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member

    sp_addextendedproc sqbutility, 'xp_sqlbackup.dll'

    should register the extended stored procedure.
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    petey, I did that already and it still doesn't work.

    in the sql backup gui, I am unable to expand the cdb01 instance nor does it list the 6 databases associated with this instance, it has a red box next to it like it doesn't think the sql server is up. I couldn't install the sprocs and so forth so I had to drop the extended sproc.

    I am running sql 2005 w/ sp1 btw. Not sure if that helps.
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    nevermind, I just saw the announcement for 4.2 that will support sql 2005 w/ sp1.
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