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SQL Compare: Display Options Comparing Results

I can't find the display options of the comparing results

1. the Object Name (column 2) is right justifed, how can I left justify it. We use a naming convention of objects with is based on left justified representation of the names.

2. How can I drop of the grouping of the results like to the flat representation in version 4? For us it is not importing, if one object is new or modified, we have to see the objects first then if they are modified or new (order by object type (table, view, sp etc.), object name in this group, modified or new).



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    Hi Olaf,

    As it currently stands it is not possible to flatten the view of objects or left justify the list of object names. We will consider both of these points for future releases as they have been raised before.

    Thanks and regards,

    Usability Engineer
    Red Gate Software
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