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edited May 8, 2006 2:04PM in ANTS Load

I am evaluating the ANTS Load product, and I am having problems with cookies.

A simple script requests a homepage, submits a username/password and then logs out.

The login page redirects

If I record a script based from the browser, it gets all 4 pages
( index.aspx, login.aspx, myaccount.aspx, logout.aspx ), including the redirect from login.aspx to myaccount.aspx.

If I replay the script, then call to myaccount.aspx returns a 302 instead of 200, beause the user is not logged in, as the cookie information is not returned.

I have manually inspected the request object in the aspx page to verify this.

I checked out the article on the viewstate/cookie here in the knowledgebase, and I dumped the header information to Me.LogToFile. the Set-Cookie header IS returned as expected from each step.

I have tried clearing the CookieContainter at the start of each run, and also built the cookie collection manually (from the set-cookie header) after each page request, to no avail.

I don't know what to try next. Any help will be appreciated, but if I can't work this out, the product will be of no use.


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