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Hi Neil.

Thanks for your enquiry. My name is Brian Donahue and I am a support
engineer for Red Gate Software.

The only way you can automate the functions of SQL Data Compare is to
purchase the SQL Comparison and Synchronization Toolkit. This will provide
you with the COM objects to build your own comparison and synchronization
applications. There are examples included for command-line driven
comparisons that output SQL that you can run with OSQL.exe.

Thank you for your interest in Red Gate Software.

Brian Donahue

"Neil Ramsbottom" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Is there any way that I can make SqlDataCompare work as a scheduled task?
> I need to have a remote database update a central database every few hours
> over a WAN link....
> Neil Ramsbottom
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