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SQL Compare ignores object selected for synchronization

AlexSAlexS Posts: 2
edited April 27, 2006 12:15PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hello, everybody.

It's long since I started to suspect that SQL Compare is not always doing what I intend it to do, but while synchronizing a lot of objects I tend to accuse myself in not marking all of them. But I caught it! (actually I've got a screenshot, but I don't know how to attach it to this message).
I want to synchronize 3 user-defined functions which are present in snapshot but not in target DB. But SQL Compare is willing to synchronize only 2 of them. I've examined the script it generated and I found there only two functions listed in "summary".

Does anybody know how to deal with this?
I can't synchronize two/tree/more time till it finally get what to do. And I don't want (and can't) do synchronization in manual mode.

P.S. We're using SQL Compare



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