xp_msver giving me trouble on 1 server

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I have 1 SQL 2000 server on SP4 that gives an error message when running the xp_msver procedure. Apparently, This procedure is used by SQL Backup when connecting to it. I am running SQL Backup from my desktop (not the server in question), and am trying to look at all of the registered servers I have. Not all of my servers have SQL BAckup installed, yet. On One of the ones were SQL Backup is not installed, SQL Backup is unable to connect and gives the following message in the bottom left frame:

xp_msver: Unable to determine server language version.
4/14/2006 11:45:49 AM

When I run xp_msver on the server itself, I get the same message.
Naturally, this places the problem with the SQL install itself, but as this server is pretty much a 24/7 server, I don't have much chance of messing around with the xplog70.dll and stopping and starting SQL Server.

Is there anyway I can circumvent the problem? I would try installing the full install on the server if I thought it would help, but I doubt it will. I'll simply have the same issue when it tries to connect locally.

HMM, I guess / hope that this is strictly a GUI issue. Should I be able to run the install successfully? If yes, I can at least get my backups running using the jobs I have created. The GUI is just a nice check up tool for me.
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    Yes, you should be able to run backups/restores using the extended stored procedure directly, as xp_msver is not used in the core engine.
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  • This might be a permissions problem. Do the SQL Backup and currently logged on users have permissions to run this stored procedure?
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    Definitely worth checking. If SQL Backup uses a third-party component to connect to the SQL Server, they have a habit of sneaking xp_msver into the component for version checking. For example, sqldmo.dll did this when you asked it to check the version property of a SQLServer object.

    For this reason, we may not see xp_msver in our code, but it is being used without our knowledge.
  • Thank you for your responses. As far as permissions go, both the SQL Backup agent and the user I used to test xp_msver have sys admin rights to the sql server in question.

    My plan for now is to do the install and run with the extended stored procedure. At a future time, I will try to rerun the SP4 Install. I have a feeling my problem is in there somewhere, as I didn't do the install. I have no way of knowing if it completely successfully or not.

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