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More options for logging and script saving.

dwainewdwainew Posts: 59 Bronze 4
edited April 14, 2006 11:20AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
It would be really nice to have:

1) auto save both the change script AND a script to undo the changes?

2) Or, even better, auto save the snapshot of the target system with a datestamped filename to avoid over write.

3) In addition, why not add some logging files to maintain what's been done? Maybe set an optional retention period for the log files, etc.

Logging would be nice. I sometimes find myself running a compare, closing the dialog, going to the db to work the issue, and then wanting more of the original information from the error. Currently I have to re-run the synchronize, which can take a while if it's large, to see that info again.

Why not provide a menu option to open the log dir, etc.?


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Thanks for the suggestions.

    It is possible to save an 'undo' script that will reverse the changes made by a synchronization script. All that you really need to do is double-click the direction arrow and go through the synchronization wizard. Now the script will generate a synchronization *the other way* that is essentially an undo script for the first script.

    Logging actions is something we can give some thought to. We do provide this (sort-of) in the summary and warnings. You can copy the summary and save it to a text file and use that as your log of actions that you had committed when you ran our script.
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