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  • Connect using LDAP lookup (beta). On the TNS Connection tab,type the host name in the Network alias field
  • Connect using OS authentication when connecting via TNS
  • Ignore external table location when comparing ( /ignore=external-table-location )
  • Deserializing speed improved by reducing logging, and overlapping file access
Command line
  • AS (NORMAL | SYSDBA | SYSOPER) added to CLI connection information
  • Use -indirect to connect using the installed Oracle client (eg Oracle Instant Client), so you can connect using a service name
  • Connect via LDAP (eg -source user/[email protected])
  • Connect with OS authentication (eg -source /@hostOrTNSName)
  • Saving an individual snapshot no longer fails to load schemas if no Oracle client is installed (partially fixed in last release)
Schema Compare engine
  • CREATE OR REPLACE used for all objects in scripts (not marked as a difference)
  • Column rename detection now takes into account ordinal properly and primary keys
  • Column rename detection exact match takes precedence
  • Views no longer marked as different when system named index or constraints are deployed
  • OSC-358: Population no longer fails when encountering multiple references to a dependency
  • Parsing of views no longer dependent on white space following ") AS"
  • Parsing no longer fails when using EXTERNAL ORACLE_DATAPUMP without ACCESS PARAMETERS
  • Population of default Oracle schema (eg HR) now complete if included in schemas to populate
  • Warnings now appear when trying to deploy clusters, because they're unsupported
  • Fixed SQL for indexes on existing clustersRename column detection
Release notes history
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