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JimFJimF Posts: 48 Bronze 2
edited August 5, 2014 8:33AM in SQL Prompt
I have noticed some inconsistent formatting when there are and/or'd Boolean expressions in a Case vs. Iif.
Case When ( c.TerminationDate < '01/01/2008'
                   And n.EntityTypeID = 10 ) Then 'Candidate Committee'
         Else et.EntityTypeName
End As 'CommitteeTypeName',
Iif(c.TerminationDate < '01/01/2008'
And n.EntityTypeID = 10, 'Candidate Committee', et.EntityTypeName) As 'CommitteeTypeName',

It's a bit hard to get things to line up in the forum, but basically in the Case, the "And n.EntityTypeID..." lines up under the "c.TerminationDate...), which is what I expected to see in the Iif. But instead, the "And ..." is forced to a new line and left justified.

Ultimately, I would like more control and not have these "short expressions" split over two lines. Probably based upon line length. I will get around to posting this to the SurveyMonkey also.



  • Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Thanks Jim!

    We received your submission through survey monkey and we do hope to add some more control over where line breaks are inserted for expressions when we work on formatting.
  • JimFJimF Posts: 48 Bronze 2
    Hi Aaron,

    Any chance the indent that I mentioned for Iif will be made consistent in 6.4.x though? (Not left justified)

  • Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi Jim,

    I don't think this will make it in for 6.4 unfortunately - we're currently finishing off the last few features we want to include in 6.4 so we can move onto bug fixing and getting this release out. Once that's done we should be able to focus on the formatting side of Prompt (and hopefully include this suggestion!)

    As you saw from your previous post it seems like even what we consider to be minor fixes can be annoying if someone is used to the current style. We hope to do a pretty big rewrite of the formatting engine with a more structured approach rather than doing improvements on a piecemeal basis, which is why we're currently collecting formatting suggestions.

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