SQL Data Compare beta v11.0.0.120 is now available

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We've now released the first beta of SQL Compare 11 (, which you can download from the Red Gate website.

This version includes support for the new SQL Server 2014 features. SQL Data Compare can now:
• deploy data in memory-optimized tables
• deploy data in tables with clustered columnstore index

Known issues
This version has the following known issue(s):
• SDC-1769: Enabling the “Don’t use transactions in the deployment script” option causes deployment of memory-optimized data involving UPDATE or DELETE operations to fail. To work around this issue, make sure that the option is not enabled

N.B. SQL Data Compare 11 won't include support for backup files (native or SQL Backup) containing memory-optimized tables and tables with clustered columnstore index.

Bug fixes
This version includes the following bug fix(es):
• SDC-1682: Running deployment script in SSMS no longer throws “Must declare the scalar variable “@pv”.”

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