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Multi_part Identifier

gijoe0813gijoe0813 Posts: 2
edited July 25, 2014 4:47AM in SQL Prompt
I used the tab key to get the fiieldds of an asterisk on 2 queries from 2 different databases . In both cases the fields populated but in one query the multi-part error appeared for each of the field and the other didn't Queries are as follows
A.StreetNumber ,
A.StreetDir ,
A.StreetName ,
A.FK_StreetType ,
A.UnitID ,
A.City ,
A.FK_State ,
A.ZipCode ,
A.isValidated ,
A.Created ,
A.Modified ,
A.RowVersion ,
A.BeatAreaCode ,
A.UnitType ,
A.SupervisorDistrict ,
A.StreetNumberFraction FROM dbo.Address AS A
PT.fname ,
PT.ssn ,
PT.datepaid ,
PT.location ,
PT.division ,
PT.unit ,
PT.id ,
PT.bdate ,
PT.edate ,
PT.pp_num ,
PT.stamp FROM dbo.payroll_tbl AS PT Really simple queries just trying to understand


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    Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi gijoe0813,

    I'm not sure that I understand what's gone wrong, could you describe the multi-part error you saw in more detail? A screenshot might be easier here.

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