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SQL Search Disappeared after upgrade to SQL 2012

andykrandykr Posts: 8
edited November 4, 2014 6:48AM in SQL Search
I had everything running nicely in SQL 2008R2 then today I installed (alongside) SQL Server 2012. Now The Redgate toolbar will not load when opening SSMS in 2012, and SQL Search is totally missing.

I have stopped the SQL 2008 service, uninstalled SQL Search and SSMS Integration pack and reinstalled both. No difference. Close SSMS and the Redgate toolbar will not reload on re-start, and SQL Search is not available at all.

When I manually open the Redgate toolbar in 2012 I do get SQL Source Control and Tab Management, but no SQL Search.

Additional: And if I re-open SSMS 2008 I get all the tools, including SQL Search!

Any suggestions?
Andy Kramek


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