Analysis Issue - Previously Captured Metrics Are Missing

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I've been using SQL Monitor since version 2.x and am currently on 4.x so I've been through a few versions and in that time the SQL Server instance we've monitored has changed a few times to accommodate updates to SQL server and hardware replacements. The current SQL Server we monitor is named SQL1 and the prior SQL Server instance we monitored was named SQL4.

I have captured metrics for SQL04 (previously monitored SQL Server instance) that I would like to review but when I select SQL4 in the 'FOR' area of the Analysis page and from the 'SHOW' field select 'Machine: Processor Time' I can see the metrics captured for a previously monitored system and that’s because I have no purged any data.

The problem is when I select 'Disk Avg read time' and or 'Disk avg Write Time'. When either of these is selected (and the other selections are left the same from when 'Machine: processor time' was selected the result I get (what shows in the Analysis page) is 'No Data for the specified time range'. I know data was captured because I have it for 'Machine: processor time'.

Any idea what happened to the Disk I/O metrics captured for a previously monitored SQL Server instance?



  • Hi Ed,

    Thanks for your post.

    I'm not sure why those metrics are missing specifically, but there may be some hints in an old log file. Can you look in "C:\ProgramData\Red Gate\Logs" to see if there are any logs in there that match the date range that you're looking for on the analysis tab?

    It's possible that "Machine: Processor Time" could have been captured even if the "Disk Avg" time metrics weren't. Those metrics can't be purged separately (unless you did some manual stuff in the SQL Monitor repository), so that doesn't seem like a possible explanation.

    We have a ticket open for you (#23217), so if you'd like to respond to the email you got for that with your logs, I'm happy to take a look.

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    Product Support
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