Saving Graph Items

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I have various groups of graph items I like to see together. When I go to Analysis graph, I have to select them each time. Then if I want to select another set, I change or remove the current items and select the new ones.

I didn't see any way of doing this, but is there any way to save "Views" so I can just click on the view and it shows me the items and time range?



  • Thank you for your post.

    At the moment, this isn't possible in the tool. We have heard is suggested a couple of time previously and the development have been thinking about implementing it. Can I suggest that you vote and add a comment (with any information about how and why it would be useful) to the following suggestion on our Uservoice forum. Anything that you can add which helps to strengthen the case for the change would make it more likely that the development team will priorities this over other work. ... -favourite
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