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is it possible to setup sql monitor using port 443 without utilizing iis?
we've implemented outside facing url and our current setting (non port 443) is working as expected. However when I tried 443 on our current setup (not using iis) and i wasn't able to reach the server - installing and reverting back to our original setting works. any advise?


  • Thank you for your post

    The Preconfigured Web service option uses the Mono XSP technology. Unfortunately we haven't included any functionality in our tool to use https. However, it may be possible to do this yourself. The link below describes a method for creating a test page which uses SSL and the method might be adaptable for SQL Monitor. However, I should warn you that I have not tested this and I would be of limited help if you encounter problems, but I would be interested to know if you manage it. ... SL_support
  • if I was to switch to using iis for https (443), how simple is it to switch back to our current setup (in case anything goes wrong)? also is there a detailed step by step of doing this using iis?
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