How to Exclude Assembly in SQL Compare Pro Command-Line?

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I am using SQL Compare Pro 10.4.8 and have tried using
    /Exclude:Assembly /Exclude:Assembly:sersolsharedcode /Exclude:Assembly AND /Exclude:Assembly:sersolsharedcode
However SQL Compare Pro keeps failing with the error message:
Error: Synchronization of 'DBMSSQL2.Devqa.sersol.il.pqe\COREDB3.LibraryDB' and '87P7WK1.Devqa.sersol.il.pqe,1433.LibraryDB' failed: Assembly 'sersolsharedcode,
version=, culture=neutral, publickeytoken=221f68f4f5ae01e4.' was not found in the SQL catalog.
How can I prevent SQL Compare Pro from attempting to synchronize CLR spocs? I can do it interactively but not through the command line.

This is the SQL Compare Pro command I am using:
/server1:DBMSSQL2.Devqa.sersol.il.pqe\COREDB3 /DB1:LibraryDB 
/server2:87P7WK1.Devqa.sersol.il.pqe,1433 /DB2:LibraryDB  
/Synchronize /Force 
/Report:"F:\My Documents\DEV\CCM\databases\SandBox\RickJones\SQLCompare\SQLCompareReports\DBMSSSQL2_87P7WK1_Synch_LibraryDB.html" 
/reportType:Simple /logLevel:Verbose 
/Exclude:Certificate /Exclude:Assembly /Exclude:Assembly:sersolsharedcode 
/Exclude:Identical /Exclude:view:viewCoreLibraryDatabaseWithCodes 
/Exclude:storedprocedure:prcUlrichsWebFeedRefresh2 /Exclude:view:viewCounterOutJournal



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    Hi Rick,

    If I understand correctly, this error is probably happening because the assembly has been excluded. Then you would get this error if an object that depends on that assembly (such as a stored procedure or user-defined function) was being applied to the database without the underlying assembly.
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