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Question about MySQL Data Compare

BillyKBillyK Posts: 2
edited July 11, 2014 9:20AM in MySQL Data Compare
Two things:

1. How does MySQL Data Compare deals with InnoDB tables, especially with foreign keys? Is has been tested well in this scenario?
2. With license for one user can I use it with different databases, on different hosts, or are there some limitations?

Database designer at zawory kulowe sp. z o.o.


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    1. MySQL Data Compare is used by a lot of our customers against InnoDB tables, but as always we recommend you use a trial version of the software to make sure it works for you and review the deployment script before running it while you get familiar with what the tool is doing.
    2. We limit the number of machines you can activate the tool(s) on, but the number of databases/servers you can connect to is unlimited. So by default a single user is given two activations, for example for use on a Laptop and desktop machine.
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