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Sortable columns in table detail popup window

JohnHenneseyJohnHennesey Posts: 6
edited July 10, 2014 7:25AM in SQL Prompt
When hovering over a table name in the query window a context window appears by clicking on the "[schema]., [comments]" tooltip. The information to script or get a summary is made possible; it would be very helpful to be able to sort by column name [additionally by data type too] in the pop up window... I have used other tools in the past with this capability; once one gets used to it it comes in mighty handy (it is tedious to look through 200 columns in ordinal order, or find the one xml column in the list).

Is this something that can easily be added to the product?

Thanks in advance,


  • Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi John,

    I saw your request a while back on UserVoice and gave it a go but decided not to look into it too much as it was becoming complicated than I'd hoped. In theory it should be easy since the winforms DataGridView comes with the sorting functionality built in. However our popup can't take focus away from the main editor window and clicking to sort gave focus to the grid, which resulted in our popup closing.

    I just gave it another go and I think I've found a simple work around, if all goes well I'll include it in a beta build this week. I'll let you know when the build is up.

  • Aaron - Thanks so much for the quick response. Thanks for giving it another shot, and good luck!

  • Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi John,

    The columns should now be sortable in, hope that helps!
  • Love it! Thanks! And thank you for the quick turn around!!
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