Compare not detecting ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION

paulhpaulh Posts: 35 Bronze 2
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I'm doing a full compare but SQL Compare is not detecting the ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION setting

Is it not supported or do I have to change other parameters?



  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Paul,

    I don't believe SQL Compare is meant to synchronize any database-level configuration properties, except when required to add an object, for instance enabling FULLTEXT so that it can synchronize a full text catalog.

    If this setting is causing an object synchronization to fail, I can definitely put in a change request for SQL Compare to support it.
  • paulhpaulh Posts: 35 Bronze 2

    The background was that we are doing application development against a database and hit a throughput problem, so we changed the transaction option from serializable to snapshot, which requires the ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION setting to work.

    The issue is that every other bit of the database, schema, tables, views, indices etc in in source control which means we can promote changes through the environments in a controller manner - except for this one!

    I'd suggest having a database settings comparison section so that we can choose whether these are synchronised or not, ok it's not schema synchronization but it does make a difference to the functionality of the database and if it's out of sync can break applications.
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