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Hello, I am trying to publish a whole directory using rgpublish but I am getting an "is not a valid source" error. I have double checked that the folder exists, but am still running into problems. I am using rgpublish with other projects (2) and not having any issues. I'm not sure what else to try.

thanks, Tim

here is my command and the output:
C:\Windows\system32>"C:\Program Files (x86)\Red Gate\Deployment Manager\Tools\rgpublish.exe" /source="D:\Builds\Entropy_5_1_4_0\Entropy_5_1_4_0_20140612.1" /version= /packageid=Entropy /target="feed:http://vpctfsserv.awsentropy.local:81/nuget" /verbose
Red Gate Package Publishing Tool version

Invalid source argument:
Could not interpret 'D:\Builds\Entropy_5_1_4_0\Entropy_5_1_4_0_20140612.1' as a
valid source.


  • I got it to work but only by replacing d:\ with \\servername\. Is there a problem with using mapped drives?

  • I've just checked, and RgPublish works fine with mapped drives. Are you using an automation tool to run RgPublish? If so, is it running as a user that doesn't have the drive mapped in their profile?
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