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Error Messages

jchasejchase Posts: 5
edited March 29, 2006 10:19AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I am using the 14 day evaluation copy of SQL Compare as our company would like to use this software. We are a software development company and we push out changes to our clients on a release basis.

What our ultimate goal to use this application was to migrate from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005. All of our logic - stored procedures and tables, etc. are all encrypted. When I just did a compare from 2000 to 2005 - I got massive Warnings stating that it can not be decrypted and from looking in the help guide I found the following ....

Encrypted database objects
If you are synchronizing a SQL Server 7 or SQL Server 2000 database that contains an encrypted user-defined function, stored procedure, trigger, or view and you have system administrator permissions, SQL Compare decrypts the object and you can view its internal SQL code in the synchronization script. If you do not have system administrator privileges, the encrypted object is not synchronized.

SQL Compare cannot decrypt views, stored procedures, functions, and DML triggers that are encrypted on a SQL Server 2005 database. Therefore, SQL Compare cannot display the SQL code for the encrypted objects, and cannot compare or synchronize them.

So this is really unfortunate as all of our logic is encrypted. Why does it work for 2000 but not for 2005 ? We are in desperate need for this to work in 2005.




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