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Possible Bug? Command Line with SVN

robertlrobertl Posts: 2
edited June 20, 2014 7:03AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi all,

I'm using version: V10.7.0.18

I'm attempting to get the difference between to revisions in SVN to generate some scripts. I've executed the following command:

sqlcompare.exe /sourcecontrol1 /versionusername1:**** /versionpassword1:**** /revision1:#### /scriptsfolderxml:sourcecontrol.txt /sourcecontrol2 /versionusername2:****l /versionpassword2:**** /revision2:####

It executes and I receive the following message:

SQL Compare Command Line V10.7.0.18
Copyright © Red Gate Software Ltd 1999-2014

Registering data sources
Error: Error activating ISvnRemoteOperations No matching bindings are available,

and the type is not self-bindable. Activation path: 1) Request for
ISvnRemoteOperations Suggestions: 1) Ensure that you have defined a binding for
ISvnRemoteOperations. 2) If the binding was defined in a module, ensure that the

module has been loaded into the kernel. 3) Ensure you have not accidentally
created more than one kernel. 4) If you are using constructor arguments, ensure
that the parameter name matches the constructors parameter name. 5) If you are
using automatic module loading, ensure the search path and filters are correct.


It looks like a Ninject binding error.

Is there anything on my end that I can do?


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