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Wrong scripting of constraints that use [] inside their name

Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
edited July 12, 2004 1:30PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi Janko,

I suppose we could 'escape' brackets the same way we 'escape'
single-quotes by adding an additional one of the same characters.

Are you sure that you want to use brackets like this? There must be
other SQL tools that are not going to work if you do this...


Brian Donahue
Red Gate Technical Support

"Janko Lupsa" <jnai7@hotmail.com> wrote in message
> Problem:
> when a check constraint fails the SQL error message doesn't say much
> the name of check constraint.
> Solution:
> So I figured I could write a short message in its name, for example:
> CK_Table_1_[_Negative_numbers_not_allowed_for_quantity_]
> CK=check constraint; Table=table name; 1=ordinal number of CK on that
> [_Negative_numbers_not_allowed_for_quantity_]=error message inside square
> brackets seemed like a good optical delimiting.
> Sync Problem:
> Enterprise Manager works with no problem. SQL Compare script dies with
> syntax error, because there is one more ] missing at the end of CK name
> takes two ] to quote one. Just try what script EM makes and what SQL
> Compare.
> Best regards, Janko Lupsa
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