Anyone Using SQL MOn w/SQL On VMWare/SANS Box with Stats I..

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NOTE: I am no sysadmin nor am I versed in VMWare so the below may sound like a dumb question...

Anyone Using SQL Monitor w/SQL On VMWare/SANS Box with Stats Issues like SQL Monitor capturing Disk Avg Read/Write times that differ greatly from what the Hardware is showing for the same time period and drive(s)?

I have a formal support request to Read-Gate submitted but I was curious if anyone on the forums uses SQL Mon for a SQL Instance running on a VMWare managed SANS and if so have you had any conflicting stats between SQL Mon and what the Hardware/Servers showing/capturing? SQL Monitor is capturing Avg Disk Read/Write times that differ greatly from what the SANS Hardware’s on monitoring is capturing/showing for the same time frame. I’m talking about a difference of seconds (as captured by SQL Monitor) and milliseconds (as captured by the hardware’s monitoring). For one specific 10 minute period SQL Monitor captured Disk Avg Read times in the 1 to 4 second range while the servers own internal monitoring shows that as never going above 500 milliseconds.


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    I use SQL Monitor to monitor SQL servers running on VM's hosted by VMWare ESX 5.1. I have noticed descrepencies in the stats collected too, such as CPU will be showing as maxed out via Virtual Center, but never going over 80% via SQL monitor.

    I took this down to being due to the different ways the two system monitor the server. Namely, SLQ monitor doesn't look all the time, but polls the system.
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