SQL Compare is very slow

Joseph GarvasisJoseph Garvasis Posts: 2
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Hi Team,

I am using Red Gate Automation pack for database deployment. I have more than 6 databases need to update at the time of deployment. I have integrated the redgate command line scripts with TFS build.

Whenever I am trying to build these database deployment part is running very slow.
Please suggest.



  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    Unfortunately I cannot offer much useful advice as "slow" is a subjective term. If you noticed it's slower than previous versions (10.4) then that can be explained as there is some reduced performance in 10.7 that we are working on optimizing.

    Other than that the only thing I have noticed over the years is that if you change the option to decrypt encrypted objects on SQL 2005+ to turn it off, sometimes you get a bit of a boost because then it does not have to dump pages to disk and decrypt them. If you need the decryption, though, that probably isn't a feasible workaround.
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