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Feature Requests

TheSQLGuruTheSQLGuru Posts: 78 Silver 2
edited June 13, 2014 9:54AM in SQL Search
Double-Showing Found Items
When I search for a string and said string is found in both the name and code of an object such as a sproc the item is shown TWICE in the grid. This should not happen. It double-counts the number of found items and is generally not helpful.

Right-Click Menu
Right-clicking any found object should offer a popup that includes modifying the object. Also if the object is a table SELECT TOP (pickANumber) rows and possibly edit rows.

Most/Every column in the grid output should be filterable just as you can do in an excel spreadsheet. ALL/Clear ALL and specific value checkboxes.
Kevin G. Boles
SQL Server MVP 2007-2012
Indicium Resources, Inc.


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