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{sa} is blocking programs from using .net framework

2600Sam2600Sam Posts: 2
edited June 3, 2014 9:48AM in SmartAssembly
I work at a college here in Malaysia and we use Viper plagiarism scanner software (well the student use it mostly).
So far I have come across 4 laptops that have a Smart Assemble software that will not allow Viper to access the .Net framework.
I have checked all of them and there is no Red Gate directory in the Programs directory nor is there any entry in the uninstall section of Windows.
I have not had the pleasure of using this software before so I do not know where to go to remove it.

what happens is when viper tried to access a MS word .doc a pop up from {SA} appears and I am given two options to continue or quit; continuing will allow me to try and access another document to get the pop up again and quit forces viper to close completely.

How can I stop this from happening or remove this software?

please any help would be greatly appreciated by myself and a few of the students here.
Thank you


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Can you please clarify the issue - as far as I am aware SmartAssembly would not block anything. It does not hook into the operating system in a way that would cause this type of failure.

    Programmers use SmartAssembly to attempt to protect software from reverse-engineering and some programmers have been producing malware and trying to protect it with SmartAssembly. In that case you can't "remove" SmartAssembly as they have put some SA components into their application so in reality SmartAssembly is not installed so there is nothing you can uninstall.

    If you have any more information like screenshots or something, please feel free to reply to the support ticket we had opened for you (#20829)
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