Servers missing from the Global Overview page

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"You are not currently monitoring any servers."
"Add the servers you want to monitor on the Monitored Servers page."

I can see the servers when I click "Manage Monitored Servers" and they all show a green checkmark and say Monitoring Connected.

What I have done/tried thus far:
    Different web browsers Log out & Log back in Deleting and re-adding the servers from the managed servers Checked for clock skew (none) Restarted WebSite running SQL Monitor Restarted "SQL Monitor 4 Base Monitor" service

I should add that if I use the "Rewind Time" button and go to about 6/7 hours ago, they show up. So I can see historical data up to last night around 1-2 AM


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    What is the current size of the data repository database? Does it have room to grow? Please check both the disk hosting the databases files, the autogrowth settings and the edition of SQL Server (e.g. Express instances have limits on the max size of database).
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