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Hi All

I've been using Red-gate SQL monitor for a few years and was at a conference recently where I got to see Idera's SQL Diagnostic Manager. I have a trial installed alongside Red-gate.

This is not meant to be a side-by-side comparison or "red-gate doesn't do this", just trying to figure out if I'm missing something in red-gate or if something's coming that I see in Idera. Ultimately, we need to decide which direction we will head in next few weeks.

Firts off, red-gate was way easier to install and configure to get you e-mail notifications ASAP. Of course a lot of the alerts need tailoring over time.

Some of the nice things Idera has:
    Much richer dashboard (I guess they have the advantage being a native app). Charts are much easier to read Pre-configured alerts for low page life expectancy Pre-configured alerts for high OS paging rate Pre-configured alerts for sessions using a lot of tempdb space Pre-configured alerts for log and data file autogrowth Pre-configured alerts for high fragmentation on indexes Pre-configured alerts on high average disk queue length

We're going to be implementing AlwaysOn Availability groups soon. I hear Red-gate doesn't current monitor these.

Can anyone comment on any of these?




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    Hi Mark,

    Since I work for Red Gate, I'm naturally biased... :D ... so I'm going to mostly leave this for others to comment on. However, I did want to at least comment on a couple of things:

    Firstly, SQL Monitor does provide some support for Always On Availability Groups: this was added in v3.2.1 -- see the release notes here.

    Pre-configured alerts: your comment's fair, but SQL Monitor’s Custom Metrics and Alerts functionality can address most if not all of these; and there are some pre-built Custom Metrics/Alerts that can be downloaded directly into SQL Monitor from our the Custom Metrics site (http://sqlmonitormetrics.red-gate.com/) that cover some of the alerts you’ve listed, as well as many others.

    Best regards,

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