How to ignore column order when comparing.

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Schema compare for Oracle 3.0 is showing differences between tables that are only differences in the column order. It will show a column being deleted on the right and then a few rows down the same column is being added.

The deployment script, even with Force Column Order unchecked, is creating the table as temp then copying data from existing table and then dropping and renaming.

How do I get the compare to ignore those differences?


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    Thank you for your forum post.

    The comparison process uses two different comparison process, one generates the results where objects will appear in one of the following listings:

    Exist in both but are different
    Exist only in db1 or the left hand side data source or source only
    Exist only in db2 or the right hand side or target only

    The second comparison process is a textual differences which you see in the SQL differences panel.

    When you review the results panel, with the 'Force Column Order' option unchecked, does the table in question appear in the 'Exist in both but are different' listing or the 'Identical'?

    A support call has been created for you. If the answer to my question above, 'Exist in both but are different' can you please update this support TICKET with creation scripts of the table from both data sources.

    Many Thanks
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    I would strongly support that the "textual differences view" has an option to view columns alpabetically.
    When column order is different, the whole view is useless to find out which columns are there and which are not. One has to scan every line in the left and the righ view to find out - even write down column names if they are many.

    I suggest "textual differences view" either has a settings option (for example under the "cog" on the left side) to "order column names alphabetically" or "preserve column order".
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