Deployment suite update

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edited May 22, 2014 8:54AM in Source Control for Oracle
Having worked on all three tools for a while now I feel they're ready for a release. Before I put them live on the site if you want early access to the tools you can download them from... ... Oracle.exe

I’ve been concentrating on internal stuff like moving the source code and ensuring the builds and tests are functional.

However I’ve also added a few features, primarily...
  • Improving the Materialized View support - grants, complex queries, column aliases (Schema Compare, Source Control)
  • Population is now parallel (Data Compare)
  • 100 times speed increase in date time comparison (Data Compare)
  • Service name connections (Source Control)
There are also a bunch of bug fixes (as you’d expect).
  • Target column type mismatch when columns excluded (Data Compare)
  • "Test" connection button (Data Compare)
  • Increase timeout (Schema Compare)
  • Allow out of line constraints in table sql (Schema Compare, Source Control)
Please let me know if you give them a go.
Richard Mitchell
Project Manager
Red Gate Software Ltd


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