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Deployment suite update

richardjmrichardjm Posts: 598
edited May 22, 2014 8:55AM in Data Compare for Oracle
Having worked on all three tools for a while now I feel they're ready for a release. Before I put them live on the site if you want early access to the tools you can download them from...

ftp://support.red-gate.com/patches/Depl ... Oracle.exe

I’ve been concentrating on internal stuff like moving the source code and ensuring the builds and tests are functional.

However I’ve also added a few features, primarily...
  • Improving the Materialized View support - grants, complex queries, column aliases (Schema Compare, Source Control)
  • Population is now parallel (Data Compare)
  • 100 times speed increase in date time comparison (Data Compare)
  • Service name connections (Source Control)
There are also a bunch of bug fixes (as you’d expect).
  • Target column type mismatch when columns excluded (Data Compare)
  • "Test" connection button (Data Compare)
  • Increase timeout (Schema Compare)
  • Allow out of line constraints in table sql (Schema Compare, Source Control)
Please let me know if you give them a go.
Richard Mitchell
Project Manager
Red Gate Software Ltd


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