Timeout creating releases

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When using DeploymentManager.exe to create releases as part of a TeamCIty build process, we frequently get timeout errors with the following error message:

[16:13:31][Step 6/6] The operation has timed out

[16:13:31][Step 6/6] You can change the timeout period using the --httpConnectTimeout argument.

When we attempt to increase the timeout value using the argument detailed in the error message, we get the following error:

Timeout can be only be set to 'System.Threading.Timeout.Infinite' or a value >= 0.

Parameter name: value

I've tried assigning a numeric value both with and without quotes. How is this argument supposed to be used?




  • shanejokeeffeshanejokeeffe Posts: 19 New member
    Ok - I figured out that like the --deploymenttimeout setting, this value needs to be set in the format of hh:mm:ss.

    Just posting the solution here in case anyone else is having this issue as this parameter does not seem to be in the documentation.
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