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Cannot Drop Constraint because it enforces full-text key...

dmslabaughdmslabaugh Posts: 2
edited May 13, 2014 1:25PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I am receiving the following error when running the Automation Pack. When generating the script with sql compare, everything deploys. It is only with the automation pack that I have the problem.

Cannot drop index
'PK_table_product' because it enforces the full-text key for table or indexed
view 'table_product'. Could not drop constraint.

Here is the command:

SQLCompare.exe /include="Identical" /include="StaticData" /scripts1="C:\Users\svc-tfsbuilder\AppData\Local\Temp\ugxnwl2w.ln5\db\state" /server2="dc1wdmtodb01\tog_ci" /database2="tog" /synchronize /include="staticdata" /LogLevel="Verbose" /Out="d:\Builds\3\OnePPSource\RedGateTest\bin\ppoe_sqlCI.log" /ScriptFile="d:\Builds\3\OnePPSource\RedGateTest\bin\ppoe_sqlCI.sql" /Report="d:\Builds\3\OnePPSource\RedGateTest\bin\ppoe_sqlCI.html" /ReportType="Interactive" /force /filter="mto\schema\filter.scpf" /o="IgnoreFillFactor,IgnoreWhiteSpace,IgnoreWithElementOrder,IgnoreExtendedProperties,IgnorePermissions,IgnoreStatistics,IgnoreSystemNamedConstraintNames,IgnoreUsers,IgnoreUsersPermissionsAndRoleMemberships,IgnoreFullTextIndexing"

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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    James BJames B Posts: 1,124 Silver 4
    The automation pack is still running Compare, so in theory the end result should be the same.

    I'd probably begin by verifying that when you tested with Compare you used exactly the same source/target. In addition, check that you were using the same options as the automation command line is passing, and that you also included the same filter file (you'll need to load the filter into the Compare GUI)

    The actual error you got looks like we were trying to drop something that SQL Server didn't allow as it was in use, so this may indicate a missing dependency when it's run through the automation side of things
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