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escape character

edited May 27, 2014 9:43AM in SQL Search
I am trying to search for text that actually contains a % character in TSQL code.

For example, I have a product named 'ProductName' and SQL code that looks for it by this query:

WHERE product LIKE 'ProductN%'

I'd like Sql Search to limit the results by including the %

Sql Search text: 'ProductN%'

Is it possible to escape the % so sql search matches the % character?


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    As you've probably realized, when you type a '%' character, SQL Search always interprets it as a wildcard, including in 'Exact Match' mode.

    However, I'm not sure why this would be a problem for you, because wildcard '%' will match the literal '%' character.

    So, when you search for 'ProductN%', that should give the result you want (although there may also be other results for 'ProductNumber', for example, since this would also match 'ProductN%').

    I hope that makes sense. If it isn't working as I've described, please let me know here, including which version of SSMS and Operating System you are using.


    Dominic Smith,
    Project Manager,
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    In our objects, we use a code value to describe a logic. For example, when 'A%' then aaa when 'B%' then bbb.

    I wish redgate search can search for a '%' character.
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