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I am using TFS and running compares against 2 branches directly from source control. When the compare runs it checks files out to a temporary directory. When I look in Visual Studio two workspaces have been created (SQL Source Control export).

Mapped to C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Temp\[RandomName]

My company recently switched to a new anti virus that does real time scanning. The real time scan can adds a significant amount of time to perform the compare. Our IT department is hesitant to put an exclusion for a the antivirus because the exclusion would have to be for the entire Temp directory. I understand this is not a problem with redgate products themselves as fully disabling the anti virus yields significant improvements in the compare times.

Can I change a setting or modify a config file to change the default location for these workspaces?



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    Hi Brian,

    The location of the temporary files is defined by the RGTEMP environment variable, or the TMP variable if RGTEMP does not exist (see your Windows documentation for information about environment variables).

    You are not recommended to edit the TMP variable, as this will affect all programs that use the variable. Instead, you can create a new environment variable called RGTEMP, and specify the location. The RGTEMP variable should redirect the temp directory for all Red Gate programs.

    You may need to log out of Windows for the change to take effect.

    Manfred Castro
    Product Support
    Red Gate Software
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