Statistics are not being compared!

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We are using a licensed copy of Red Gate Compare 10 and I am trying to pull out the list of difference in terms of table statistics and I made sure that "Statistics" option is unchecked under project options.

I know few tables where we have differences of statistics but nothing showed up.

Am I missing something ?


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    Thank you for your forum post.

    As you may know, statistics object is created automatically for each index you create. These statistics objects are not included in the SQL Compare comparison.

    However any statistics objects you manually create on each table are compared and if the creation of this statistics objects differ, SQL Compare will highlight these differences to you.

    The actual details of the each statistic is not included in the comparison or deployment processes.

    The option 'Ignore STATISTICS_NORECOMPUTE property on indexes' prevents the automatic recompute of statistics for performance reasons to speed up the comparison and deployment phases of the SQL Compare processes.

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