How to create and deploy the package using TFS

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How can i create the Application package using TFS and deploy it to other servers.
We have 10+ people team and we are checking in the code to TFS and i want to build and create the package from TFS after that i will deploy it to my other servers.

Any one please help me.

Thanks in advance.


  • I am dealing with a similar situation. At the moment, we are using the visual studio plugin which you can download via the deployment manager website. Developers then can right click the website they want to deploy in visual studio and click "publish for deployment..."

    The more advanced way is to have the package created as part of a continuous integration build process. For this you will need a TFS build server and to create a build template for each project in TFS. You would then need to add a step to the build template which calls the RgPublish.exe program to package the output of your build process.

    If you are not familiar with MSBuild in TFS, then you will need to get that working first if going the continuous integration route.

    The documentation for using RgPublish.exe is available here: ... ublish.exe
  • I used RedGate.Deploy.VsExtension.Vsix and i am able to create and deploy the package from local machine.

    I want to create and deploy the package in below order.
    1. Any developer will checkin the code into TFS.
    2. If TFS build succeeds then it should call the RgPublish.exe and Deployment manager.exe
    3. I will take care of the deployment process from deployment manager whenever it is needed for me.

    Note: I tried to set the RgPublish.exe and DeploymentManager.exe into default build template but i am failing to do this.

    If it is feeding to deployment manager then it should take the latest changes from TFS not from developers local project.

    I don't prefer the way to create and deploy the package by using RedGate.Deploy.VsExtension.Vsix from local project.
  • You do need to include calls to RgPublish.exe and DeploymentManager.exe into your TFS build definition to do this. Can you be more specific about what went wrong when you tried it?
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  • I tried to do by following the below steps.

    1. Connected to TFS
    2. Selected the "Builds" Context Menu
    3. Right Clicked on [Project Name] Release
    Here I am providing the following options
    4. General - [Project Name] Release
    5. Trigger - Manual -Check-ins do not trigger a new build
    6. Source Setting
    a. Source Control Folder- $.[Project Name]
    b. Build Agent Folder - [$(SourceDir)]
    7. Process - In Advanced Section- MSBuild Platform - RgPublish /source="C:\Source Code\My Web App\MyWebApp.csproj" /configuration=Release /platform=x86 /target=feed:http://MyDeploymentManagerServer:8080/nuget/

    Do we need to make the changes in our RgPublish.exe to feed the package into deployment manager.
    I want to set for source= My TFS Project Name. but here i do not have csproj file name.

    After the build step i am using this below exec command
    <Exec Command="RgPublish /source='$(BuildProjectFolderPath)/../../[Project Name]' /configuration=Release /target=feed:http://[Deployment manager URL]:81/nuget/"/>
    please help me to set this step by step.
  • Hi Mike,

    I have resolved this issue and working fine.
    I am facing the problem in creating the version number.
    I am passing the version number as sys date from tfs build. But i this version is not feeding to Deploment Manager.

    Do we have any way to clear the version numbers and use the new version numbers in Deployment Manager package feed.
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