Need to speed up Compares and Deployments

I have 2 databases. One has 4 views that produce a result set that I need to compare/sync with another database that holds the result sets in tables.

The only difference in the result sets is that the tables have a lead column (called ID) that is used for uniqueness (Primary Key and Clustered Index).

The problems I am having are everything from speed of the compare and deployments to not being able to deploy at all with claims being made in the form of warnings say nothing can be updated in the table.

The servers are VM's. They are located here in our data center on the same network and backbone (only 1gb but better than a WAN link).

I need to get some ideas on how to optimize things, so if I need to give a call for support - I can definitely elaborate more, but I am in the 14 day trial period, and really need to come up with some solutions.

Please advise...


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