Need way to stop .NET Demon without entirely disabling it.

skurthskurth Posts: 2
edited April 25, 2014 12:38PM in .NET Demon
I spend most of my time in a large solution (~200 projects) that are pretty evenly split between managed C# projects and unmanaged c++ projects. .NET Demon has worked great for the C# projects, but tends to make things slower with the c++ projects. (not really needed for c++ projects anyway since VisualStudio allows c++ projects to be build individually). Therefore, I'd like to be able to have .Net Demon stop when working in c++/unmanaged code.

When I turn off all .NET Demon options (build on save, replace VS build system), .NET Demon still seems active and will still cause long delays when saving in c++ projects (in addition to causing slow saves it will also periodically show the blue "building" status label). Disabling it completely works, but that requires restarting VS, which takes ~5 minutes to the get solution re-loaded.

It seems like turning off all options should make .NET Demon stop trying to do anything on save... am I missing something? Is it a bug that it does not? Could something along the lines of a "pause" option be added?
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