SQL Data Compare Runs out of disk space on C:

Hello -

Attempting to see if SQL Data Compare will work for some table sync needs that we have, but in using the Unlicensed trial version of the tool, I am unable to find a place where I can redirect temporary data storage that the tool is wanting to store during a compare (and my server's local disk only has about 6gb of free space left - more than enough to not warrant any dangers normally, but completely taps out when I run SQL Data Compare against 4 tables that total around 20gb between all 4 of them). The SQL Data Compare is being run on one of the servers being compared, but the target server is a different VM all together with it's own instance and database.

Is there any way for me to tell the program to use another one of the mapped drives on my server? I am running a VM with Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (SP1), and while my SQL database files are local - I do not have SSMS installed on the server, so it uses a custom program for the SQL editor (isqlw.exe) with the following arguments...

-S "%SN%" -d "%DN%" -E -1 -FU -f "%SF%"

I tried setting the Deployment scripts and Export defaults to mapped drives, but it has no effect on this issue.

Any help / assistance would be much appreciated.



  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    SQL Data Compare creates a cache in your user profile to hold the data of large tables. If you want to change the location that this uses, you can set the RGTEMP environment variable. If you do this in the system properties->advanced->environment variables, then all Red Gate tools that use temporary storage will redirect to that folder.
  • SloopJohnBSloopJohnB Posts: 25 Bronze 3
    Hi -
    I ran into the same issue raised by the OP, and tried setting up an RGTEMP environment variable pointing to a drive with more space. But the setting doesn't seem to work. Does it matter if environment variable is a system variable or a user one?
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