Exclude SIZE parameter from CREATE DATABASE statement

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We use sql packager to package a script to create a database for our application. The sql packager exe get called in command line mode from and installshield installer exe. We've come across a customer who uses a model database size greater then the default, and the create statement for the database created by sql packager fails because its specifying a size smaller then the model database size.

Is there a way that we can have sql packager exclude the SIZE parameter from the CREATE DATABASE statement so it uses the default model size as it does for collation, recovery model and compatibility level? That way we can avoid the problem in the future.


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    When you create the package using SQL Packager, click the "Extra Package Info..." button on the "create .EXE" screen of the wizard. On the database properties page, set "Database Size (MB)" to an empty value (note: not Zero or anything else, as this will cause an error).

    When you run the resulting package, the default new database size will be used.

    Hope this helps.
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