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Advice needed

jay007jay007 Posts: 2
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I have a MS SQL Database from a POS System. I need to export data to a new POS system ( Blank Database on new POS system) . All I need is Products, Prices and Barcodes. My problem is the barcodes are stored in a different table. I have no problem exporting each table and then importing but I am missing the barcodes as they are in a different table. Can this be done?


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    James BJames B Posts: 1,124 Silver 4
    It sounds like you're probably using SQL Data Compare rather than SQL Compare, and trying to migrate data between two different tables?

    If so, SQL Data Compare can still do this- you'll need to manually map the table / columns correctly to the target DB structure first though. This link should be helpful, but do post back if you're still having trouble.
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