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Python Scripts blanking out

seannseann Posts: 5
edited August 5, 2014 11:12PM in SQL Data Generator
I am using the Python Script generator. I insert just 2 possible values.

def main(config):

return ["VAT", "Zero"]

All seems fine in the preview screen. After navigating among the other columns in the same table, I return to this column and the Python Script blanks out and the values in the preview screen turn to NULL. This also happens if I stick to the default sample code provided.

I have successfully used this method elsewhere in my project. So something is effecting this functionality. I have closed and re-opened the project as well.

Any advise/guidance would be appreciated.


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    I am also encountering this problem. Has there been a resolution/workaround for this?

    It's a bit tough saving my work only to find out my python scripts for the other columns have been cleared.

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