IPSec fails after packaging using Smart Assembly 6

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edited April 15, 2014 7:57AM in SmartAssembly

I need suggestion regarding a bug encountered while using IPSec. We have a client server software using IPSec. When we package it manually, it works fine. But on using the Smart Assembly package, the client server connection doesn't get established.

Below are the scenarios where the code works and where it doesn't :
1) Manual package with IPSec disabled - WORKS
2) Smart Assembly package with IPSec disabled - WORKS
3) Manual package with IPSec enabled - WORKS
4) Smart Assembly package with IPSec enabled - DOES NOT WORK, NO CONNECTION ESTABLISHED.

In the smart assembly package, we are merging the dependencies. Also, we tried generating the package without Obfuscation, but IPSec still doesn't work.

Please suggest if there is any known issue or workaround for this.

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