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No Intellisense for Linked Server connection to MySQL ODBC

cathlynncathlynn Posts: 2
edited April 9, 2014 6:53AM in SQL Prompt
Hi. I have been using SQL Prompt for awhile and one of the best feature I like about it is the fact that Intellisense works even on Linked Server to other MSSQL databases.

Recently however, I have set up Linked server to MySQL ODBC connections and I noticed that Intellisense is no longer returning the table names and column names in the predictive boxes.

I then tested this to other ODBC connection. I set up Firebird (DB2) and Oracle and Intellisense seems to be working for these (only for table names, not columns but that's better than nothing).

Is there a way that we can get it to work for MySQL ODBC connections as well?


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    Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi Cathlynn,
    We don't officially support linked servers other than to MSSQL servers at the moment so I'm a little surprised oracle works at all. I could see how this would be a really useful feature if we did support it though!

    The best place for a feature request like this is our UserVoice page if you'd like to open a new request. It really helps us when prioritising which features to work on next.

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