RedGateDatabaseOptionsTransactionIsolationLevel bugged

matthoneycuttmatthoneycutt Posts: 11
edited April 10, 2014 7:44AM in Deployment Manager
There's a bug in Deployment Manager The RedGateDatabaseOptionsTransactionIsolationLevel seems to have a check for valid transaction isolation levels, but the problem is that check has misspelled "committed." When I enter "READ COMMITTED" as the value for this property, I get this error when the agent attempts to deploy everything:

2014-04-07 10:42:13 -05:00 ERROR READ COMMITTED is not a valid transaction isolation level. It must be one of: READ UNCOMITTED, READ COMITTED, REPEATABLE READ, SNAPSHOT, SERIALIZABLE
2014-04-07 10:42:13 -05:00 ERROR Caused by:
2014-04-07 10:42:13 -05:00 ERROR -READ COMMITTED
2014-04-07 10:42:13 -05:00 ERROR Parameter name: value

Notice the incorrect spelling of 'COMMITTED' in the list of valid values.
Just for fun, I tried passing in the incorrectly-spelled 'READ COMITTED,' but that blew up (as it should) with a syntax error from SQL.

Any suggestions on how to work around this problem?


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